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Jordan Peele Cements His Status as a Horror Visionary with “Us”

With his remarkable feature film debut, Get Out, writer-producer-director Jordan Peele struck a nerve and captured the cultural zeitgeist. Many horror fans were in awe of the achievement and felt vindicated that a horror movie received such critical and commercial success. We wanted to see what he would do next—what message would he send: political, social, cultural, or a mix of all three? How would he deliver this message? What fucked up, masterfully directed story would he unravel?

Most of all, we wanted Peele to get crazy, so he got crazy.

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Scary, But Not Horror – Queen of Earth Review

When is a scary movie not a horror movie?

I ask because I recently watched Alex Ross Perry’s enigmatic and tense film, Queen of Earth. The movie stars Elizabeth Moss (yay Mad Men!) as Catherine and Katherine Waterston as Ginny, two women whose once close friendship has become strained after each has suffered personal catastrophes.

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