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8 Classic Slasher Films You Should Know About

Nothing says Halloween quite like a slasher film. A good, old-fashioned slasher will terrify you in the theater and keep you on edge for days later. If you’re anything like me, a good slasher will make you jump and screech and check the locks on your windows for days afterwards. You’ll tell yourself, this is stupid, that movie was stupid, and–HOLY CRAP WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?!?!

Because while slashers may be campy, cheesy, and perhaps a little dumb, they’re effective. We are simultaneously repulsed and drawn to this movies that are usually light on plot and heavy on violence.


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Ho-Ho-Horror: Christmas Horror Movies on Netflix/Amazon


Piggy-backing off of this post, I’ve compiled a list of Christmas horror movies that can be streamed by Netflix or Amazon!

Maybe you are really into scary movies and want to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you just need a break from the festivities. Whatever the case, here are 16 horror movies for the holiday season!

Without more delay, here’s my list:

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