Fantastic Fest 2017 is here! Finally!a

Fantastic Fest is the largest film festival specializing in genre films, which basically means it focuses a lot more on sci-fi, horror, fantasy, action, and generally fun and weird movies. Fantastic Fest may not be a critical darling like Cannes, Venice, or Sundance, but it has a proven track record of showcasing crowd-pleasers and groundbreaking genre films. It usually picks up where TIFF leaves off, pushing the envelope even farther with non-horror movies like There Will Be BloodRed, and John Wick.

These are the kinds of movies that really make you feel something, whether that’s a vicarious blood lust, a sense of wonder, squealing terror, or outright uncomfortable confusion. Fantastic Fest is always interesting and has something for every type of horror fan.

And Fantastic Fest always has a ton of new and exciting horror. Last year, Fantastic Fest screened horror films like Dark SongThe Void, and The Devil’s Candy. Before that, the festival screened The Witch, We Are What We Are, It FollowsThe Babadook, and Sinister.

Basically, Fantastic Fest should not be missed by horror fans. Anyone in Austin who is attending–I hate you a little bit right now.

This year, there are 21 horror movies on the schedule, 17 of them new and four retrospectives! I can’t decide what I’m more excited for—self-proclaimed high school zombie comedy horror musical Anna and the Apocalypse, the brutal Les Affames, the weirdly unsettling Killing of a Sacred Deer, icy and tense Rift, the hilarious looking Vidar the Vampire? Even Haunters: The Art of the Scare looks terrifying and awesome, and it’s a documentary! There are so many choices!

One thing’s for sure…I’ve got to get my hands on a copy of Maniac Cop 2. STAT.

Let’s get to it!


Fantastic Fest

“1922 is based on Stephen King’s 131-page story telling of a man’s confession of his wife’s murder. The tale is told from the perspective of Wilfred James, the story’s unreliable narrator who admits to killing his wife, Arlette, in Nebraska. But after he buries her body, he finds himself terrorized by rats and, as his life begins to unravel, he becomes convinced his wife is haunting him.”

Anna and the Apocalypse

Fantastic Fest

“Anna’s life is dominated by the typical concerns of her youthful peers until the Christmas season in her small town brings not Santa, but an outbreak of the undead in this genre-mashing holiday horror musical. Yep. Musical.”

There’s a trailer for this one!


Fantastic Fest

“Anyab (Fangs) is an oddity worth rediscovering! An Egyptian take on THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, this eye-popping musical of madness manages to cram horror, science fiction and even social commentary together while charming with its outrageous costumes and action.”


Fantastic Fest

“An idyllic weekend vacation to a secluded cabin turns deadly when the Pollack family discovers an unconscious woman whose sinister plans will pit the family members against each other.”

The Cured

Fantastic Fest

“A zombie virus has hit the world… but it has been cured. What’s next for the ex-zombies who have returned to normal? David Freyne’s debut feature throws lots of food for thought into the mouth of your mind.”

The Endless

Fantastic Fest

“When brothers Justin and Aaron return to the cult that they escaped from ten years ago, they encounter a web of secrets and mysteries that threatens to tear them apart.”

(This thumbnail is killing me!)

Gerald’s Game

Fantastic Fest

“Flanagan unites with master of the macabre Stephen King for his cinematic interpretation of King’s beloved GERALD’S GAME. Starring Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood, GERALD’S GAME delivers pitch-perfect performances in a faithful adaptation where the horrors of the mind are much worse than what’s in front of you.”

Hagazussa – A Heathern’s Curse

Fantastic Fest

Set in the 15th Century in the Austrian Alps, Lukas Feigelfeld’s HAGAZUSSA takes us back to a dark period in which even the remotest parts of Europe suffered from the paranoia and superstition of the time.

Haunters: The Art of the Scare

Fantastic Fest

“Delving behind the scenes of one of America’s most beloved seasonal pastimes, HAUNTERS shows the world of the people who make the scariest houses, mazes and experiences that range from the traditional to the controversial.”

Ichi the Killer: The Digitally Restored Director’s Cut

Fantastic Fest

“The yakuza occupy a murky universe with more twists and turns than the Shinjuku alleys they call home. The mysterious disappearance of a Tokyo mob boss triggers a hunt to find him, dead or alive. The search leads to the city’s most depraved clubs and sex dens and eventually to Ichi, the schizophrenic hitman behind the crime. Even more shocking is the discovery that the mastermind who hired Ichi is a fellow gangster out for revenge.”

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Fantastic Fest

“The life of a brilliant surgeon is thrown into disarray when his friendship with a bizarre teenager threatens the lives of his entire family. Faced with a frightening choice, the man will be forced to assess all that he’s ever done.”

Les Affames

Fantastic Fest

“In the remote Quebec countryside, things are not well. A plague has infected the land, affecting almost all the residents of a small village. The survivors have to navigate their new existence as well as deal with the infected with an appetite for flesh.”

Maniac Cop 2 – With Special Guests!

Fantastic Fest

“Let’s look at the facts: MANIAC COP 2 is quite truly The Greatest ’80s Horror-Action Movie Ever Made. Violent, whiplash-paced, supernatural and completely insane. It was written by horror legend Larry Cohen and stars Robert Davi, Laurene Landon, Robert Z’Dar, Bruce Campbell and even the lady who played the indestructible dancer in THE HIDDEN. You don’t need to have seen the previous installment as the basics are quickly recapped and this film definitely stands on its own.”



Fantastic Fest

“Yayo Herrero’s directorial debut is a couple’s nightmare journey into the heart of darkness. A superlative horror parable, this shocking film is an indictment of modern history, war and the difficulties of reconciliation. It is a story for our times.”

Mom and Dad

Fantastic Fest

“Selma Blair and Nicolas Cage are seemingly ideal parents until an unknown force causes their town’s adults to murder their offspring.”

I need a trailer for this, ASAP.

Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Fantastic Fest

“A bullied schoolboy is teamed up with his tormentors to do community social work. While on duty, they encounter a strange creature which they kidnap, and take bullying to a whole new level.”

The Nude Vampire – Presented by Kier La Janisse

Fantastic Fest

“Jean Rollin’s THE NUDE VAMPIRE (1970) follows a sinister businessman who’s keeping a young vampire girl captive and experimenting on her in the hope that he finds the key to eternal life.”


Fantastic Fest

“Three rich male thrill-seekers discover that Jennifer isn’t the human sex doll that they assumed she was when they invited her on their isolated hunting getaway. Jennifer teaches them fundamental lessons about consent in a manner that they — and we — won’t soon forget.”

No trailer for this one! BOO!


Fantastic Fest

“After a phone call from his ex wakes him late one night, Gunnar drives out to a secluded vacation cottage to save Einar from himself, but what awaits him there is mystery and confusion.”

Vampire Clay

Fantastic Fest

“A class of art school hopefuls is stalked by blood-thirsty, flesh-hungry clay in this bizarre practical effects-heavy horror assault from THE ABCs OF DEATH 2 segment director and longtime special makeup effects artist Umezawa.”

Vidar the Vampire

Fantastic Fest

“Vidar is a farmer leading a life that only be described as boring. A chance encounter with a strange character who may be a vampire Jesus will change Vidar’s life (and death) for once and all.”


Are you attending Fantastic Fest? What movies are you excited to see? Leave them in the comments!