Piggy-backing off of this post, I’ve compiled a list of Christmas horror movies that can be streamed by Netflix or Amazon!

Maybe you are really into scary movies and want to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe you just need a break from the festivities. Whatever the case, here are 16 horror movies for the holiday season!

Without more delay, here’s my list:


1. Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack Skellington, the spindly king of Halloween Town, kidnaps Santa Claus and plans to deliver ghoulish gifts to children on Christmas morning.

Classic. Amazing. When will your faves.

2. Jack Frost – When his prison transport collides with a truck full of “genetic material,” killer Jack Frost is transformed into a terrifying, murderous snowman.

As ridiculous as you think it will be.

3. Saint Nick – A re-imagining of the Santa Clause legend. Niklas, a sinister cleric, returns to avenge his death by killing innocent kids. Now a lad named Frank and a disgraced cop must stop the rampage.

Haven’t seen this one yet! On my personal list.

4. Dead End (2003) – Deadly consequences arise when Frank and his wife opt for an unfamiliar route through the forest and stop to pick up a mysterious hitchhiker. Takes place on Christmas Eve.

It’s got Leland from Twin Peaks in it! Do you need another reason?

5. Batman Returns – Batman battles three new villains plotting to take over the city, including a corrupt businessman, the hideous Penguin and the mysterious Catwoman.

Not a horror flick, but there’s some cool stuff and some really messed up stuff in it, and I love it. It also takes place at Christmas. Don’t sass me.



1. New Year’s Evil – As a nationally televised New Year’s Eve celebration rocks on, the host gets an on-air call from a killer promising murder at the stroke of midnight.



1. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale – It’s the eve of Christmas in northern Finland, and an ‘archeological’ dig has just unearthed the real Santa Claus. But this particular Santa isn’t the one you want coming to town. When the local children begin mysteriously disappearing, young Pietari and his father Rauno, a reindeer hunter by trade, capture the mythological being and attempt to sell Santa to the misguided leader of the multinational corporation sponsoring the dig. Santa’s elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their fearless leader from captivity.

Haven’t seen this one yet. On my list!

2. Black Christmas (2006) – The college town of Bedford is receiving an unwelcome guest this Christmas. As the residents of sorority house Pi Kappa Sig prepare for the festive season, a demonic stranger begins to stalk the house. A series of grisly obscene phone-calls start to plague the residents of the sorority and soon they will each meet their fate at the hands of the psychotic intruder.

A remake of the classic. Lacey Chabert from Mean Girls is in it!

3. Gremlins – A small town is besieged by some furry and not-so-cute little creatures after a young man ignores the warnings of a wise elder regarding their care and feeding.

It took becoming a adult for me to realize how scary this movie was.

4. Silent Night (2012) – As their small Midwestern town prepares for its annual Christmas Eve parade, Sheriff and his deputy discover that a maniac in a Santa suit is murdering those he judges as ”naughty.” Their sins? Porn, adultery, greed… And he will make sure they rest in heavenly pieces.

Scary Santa! There are a lot of those.

5. Silent Night Deadly Night – After his parents are murdered, a tormented teenager goes on a murderous rampage dressed as Santa. A controversial, cult-classic slasher and the perfect antidote to the holiday season.

Another classic!

6. Santa’s Slay – It turns out that Santa Claus is not really the sweet old fellow taht we all know and love. In fact, he’s a devil and the only thing that’s kept his bad side in check was a bet he lost with an angel.

This has been recommended to me by lots of people. On the list it goes!

7. Silent Night Zombie Night – A week before Christmas a viral outbreak turns the citizens of Los Angeles into the walking dead. On the brink of severing ties with both his wife and longtime partner, L.A.P.D. officer Frank Talbot finds himself trapped with them. As death closes in their survival is further threatened by the fact that both men love the same woman.

Haven’t seen this one yet.

8. P2 – It’s Christmas Eve, when even the most voracious corporate climbers generally head home by dinner time. But not Angela. She’s the last one left at the office, determined to close one more deal before the holiday. The long hours she keeps will have an impact, but not the kind she’s been hoping for.

This one is particularly scary for me, since I work in a tall building with a cavernous parking garage.

9. Bloody Christmas – In a small town Police are in search for a child murderer. Meanwhile Rich Tague a has been 80’s action movie star, is attempting to figure out the meaning of Christmas as he plays Santa on a Public Access TV show. He fantasizes about murdering the people that do him wrong. Will he have the strength to not be on his own naughty list?

10. Inside (2007) – Four months after pregnant Sara loses her husband in a horrific auto accident, she is visited on Christmas Eve by a mysterious madwoman. Alone and desperate to save her unborn child, Sara fights to stay alive as each of her potential rescuers die at the woman’s sadistic hands.

This movie was part of the wave of French Horror that included such films like Martyrs, Them, and High Tension. This is a really intense film and probably not for everyone. I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet. Maybe that’s something I put on my New Year’s Resolution.

Hope you all can find something to watch! Leave any recommendations you have in the comments!