Sorry for the lack of recent posts! Life has been very hectic and I’ve been trying to get some writing/editing/reading done in the rare moments when I have down time.

Also, happy NaPoWriMo month! In case you aren’t familiar with NaPoWriMo, it’s the sister of NaNoWriMo, but instead of writing a novel, participants write a poem a day. By the end of April, you should have 30 poems.

I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing, particularly my poetry skills. I decided that not only would I participate in NaPoWriMo 2015, but I would post my poems to Instagram as a way to force myself to not only write the poems, but to share them.

And I’m sharing them here. Enjoy! Let me know what you think. (Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @storiesforghosts.

April 1

April 2

Day #2 of the April poetry challenge: Lost When I left you last, you were contained Within the four walls of this house, Content to knock around inside, Satisfied with dragging your fingernails across the floorboards, Chewing on stair banisters like bones. You careened from corner to corner, room to room, Clattering down staircases Carving ancient, cryptic curses into the walls. And even though your fury echoed through hallways, I never complained. You never scared me the way you wanted. We belonged to each other. But now, you have fallen silent. I don’t know how you freed yourself. The quiet has settled across everything Like thick, yellow smog, Swirling, billowing, teeming. I walk through it, searching, frantic, out of my head and Made sick, the curling fingers of fume slinking down the stairs, chasing me. Where are you? How did you become free? #poem #poet #poetry #poetsofinstagram #30for30 #30daysofpoems #amwriting #igwriters #writersofinstagram #lost #decrepit #haunted #napowrimo #nationalpoetrymonth

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April 3

April 4

April 5

Day 5. All caught up!!! Orbit I must confess I’ve scrutinized diagrams and maps for assurance of how gravity keeps the heavenly bodies in place, neat lines and solid laws, but I can’t find any measured course of the stars and planets you promised me. It reminds me of when I wanted to go stargazing— there were too many clouds and we got lost in the dark, your car shooting around curves too quickly. Gravity had a hard time keeping us in our place. What a pretty thought it was, that the weight of your lips on mine would anchor me in place, that together we would follow some calculated line, a path laid before us. That your words could command me to stay in smooth orbit. #orbit #gravity #stars #stargazing #breakuppoem #poem #poet #poetry #poetrychallenge #poetsofinstagram #napowrimo #nationalpoetrymonth #amwriting #aprilpoems #30for30 #30daysofpoems

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April 6

April 7

Day 7 – This poem is inspired by Koneswaram Temple in Sri Lanka. Koneswaram The monsters came in the dead of night, wearing priests’ garments. They smashed the holy relics and chased the worshipers away. Snarling through wicked smiles of blackened teeth, they tore the temple from the earth and hurled it into the sea And the sea lovingly accepted. With its gentle, watery palms, it laid the temple in a reef and watched, helpless, as the coral engulfed the temple, Its huge gaping doorway a mouth Asking a question, asking why. I came to explore the reef but found the temple instead And the hopeful sea invites me, With gifts of seaweed silk and a coral crown, To inhabit this lonely place, That I might tend to this abandoned shrine, this silent and patient tomb. #koneswaram #sea #temple #shrine #underwater #poem #poet #poetry #poetrychallenge #poetsofinstagram #napowrimo #nationalpoetrymonth #30daysofpoems #aprilpoems #amwriting

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Stay tuned for Part 2.